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Dispatch of Experts to AC related WGs

Dr. Hiroyuki Enomoto (NIPR)

PI : Dr. Hiroyuki Enomoto (NIPR)


Japan joined the Arctic Council (AC) as an observer country in May 2013. Since then, an increasing number of requests for Japan’s participation in various international meetings have been made by the AC as well as AC member countries and organizations, with the expectation of utilizing Japan's capabilities for science and technology. Requests for dispatching Japanese Arctic experts to high-level diplomatic meetings related to the Arctic have been also increasing. Contributing to these meetings through the achievements of the ArCS project as well as Japan’s other Arctic research and observation efforts will lead to promoting Japan’s global reputation and demonstrating a greater presence in the issues of sustainable development and environmental protection in the Arctic. In addition, promptly providing the latest global trends to researchers as well as policy decision makers in Japan is expected to contribute to various domestic Japanese science and policy decision settings.

Overview of the Activity

The AC makes international policies regarding the Arctic, and its decisions have a decisive influence on Japan’s scientific and economic activities related to the Arctic. Therefore, we will dispatch experts participating in the ArCS project, who are able to provide expert opinions from a scientific point of view, to the AC’s working groups such as AMAP and CAFF, task forces such as SCTF, and expert groups such as EGBCM. In particular, we mainly target AMAP, which is doing the most active work among the working groups and deeply relates to natural science. The dispatched experts are expected to contribute Japan’s research and observation achievements to the global community through their presentations or panel discussions.

Furthermore, upon receiving a request from the Japanese government or the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) to dispatch experts to high-level diplomatic meetings related to the Arctic, we will send experts who can provide appropriate advice or support for these meetings. In particular, the start of drawing up the 6th Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is scheduled during the term of the ArCS project, so we also intend to actively dispatch experts to IPCC-related meetings. In any case, at these meetings the dispatched experts will gather information that will be effective for Japan’s research and policies, and report this information as well as the outcomes of the meetings as soon as they return.

Presentation on Japan's effort at AMAP

Presentation on Japan's effort at AMAP

Presentaion at Arctic Frontiers

Presentaion at Arctic Frontiers

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